Can not copy files to second hard drive

Hello, I am using Manjaro KDE and for some reason I can not send any file to my second hard drive (the one the system is not installed on). I am relativly new to Linux. In permissions it seems like everything is OK. Is it maybe Dolphin? Here is the image of my settings:

By the way I am in love with Manjaro, it is just perfect OS. Thanks you guys for making such a beautiful and lovely System.

Which file system is it? Was it mounted in Windows?

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I am guessing that your second drive has an NTFS volume on it, and that you’ve got Windows Fast Boot enabled. If you do that, then Windows will not properly shut down its filesystems, and then the Linux kernel will regard them as “damaged”, and will mount them read-only so as to prevent further damage.

If the above is not the case ─ e.g. if the filesystem in question is a Linux-native filesystem, like e.g. ext4 ─ then please see this tutorial below… :arrow_down:

It is NTFS and Fast Boot is enabled. But what to do to fix this?

It is NTFS. I was using Windows before linux, but it was not installed on that hard drive. There is only some data I used.

Disable Fast Boot.

I disabled fast boot, but it did not help. Tried to copy this folder and it says this error:

Are you sure about that? Did you completely shut down Windows after doing it?

Yes, I am sure. I shut down PC and turned it on again:

That is not what I meant. You have to disable the Fast Boot feature of Microsoft Windows itself.

But I don’t have Windows at all. I run only Linux on this PC. And I am never ever going back to Windows.
Listen, since there is only like 50 gigs on my data drive. I can copy it somewhere to home, and then format/create new partition table of data drive. And send my files back to it. Would it work like that?

Yes, of course. Make a backup, reformat the partition and restore the backup.

See my tutorial higher up regarding the best choice for a mountpoint ─ hint: don’t rely on auto-mounting but set up a mountpoint inside your home directory and add a record for the partition to /etc/fstab.

Not working. I used gparted, created new partition table, created new ext4 partition, and I still can not send files to that drive. This is so funny :slight_smile:
While crating new partition table in gparted it was by default selected msdos.

The partition table doesn’t matter, given that it’s only a data drive. But if you mounted it as I said in my tutorial, then it should work.

If you rely on auto-mounting, then the ownership of the mountpoint for an ext4 partition will be set to root, and you can change that, but those changes will not persist across a reboot due to the fact that /run ─ where it is mounted somewhere ─ is a tmpfs, i.e. a filesystem in virtual memory.

Follow the instructions in my tutorial and then it’ll work. :wink:

OK then, I am going to study your tutorial, despite not knowing anything about mount points on Linux xD

A mountpoint is just a directory (folder). The tutorial explains it. :wink: