Can manjaro or any linux distro handle fractional scaling and 144hz on nvidia card?

I’m using a 2k 144hz 24 inch display, with nVidia 2080ti as graphic card. And I need to use CUDA for compuation, and 1x is too small 2x is too big, I need 1.25x or 1.5x fractional scaling.
I was using Ubuntu, and once upon a time, maybe 2017, the fractional scaling is working perfectly, all app is clear and properly scaled, framerate is smooth, but not anymore after that. So technically this is possible, but somehow it went wrong.

I did a lot of search and find a lot of topics related to wayland, xorg, gnome, nvidia driver, fractional scaling and more.
But it seems that none i tried really works. The best result I have is to use wayland with gnome, which enables the fractional scaling, but it blurrs everything in Chrome(I tried the wayland options, but it’s so buggy that everything is flashing and unusable), also the mouse is jittering after enable the wayland(everytime when something is rendering on screen)

I really love manjaro, the rolling model and install the drivers for you and etc… But I cannot get those these to work properly at the same time:
Gnome, Wayland, smooth 144hz, fracitonal scaling, nVidia driver, nothing is blurry.

Is other display manager or desktop envrionment, or any configs that support all of these at the same time in may 2021?
I did read from news that nvidia and wayland is getting along better recently, some fix and improvement is being merged. Should I wait for sometime and everything is fully supported?

Btw I prefer the UI design of gnome, it would be really good if it can work with gnome. But if any other and do all of these is acceptable.

Fractional scaling on a GNOME X11 session requires Ubuntu patches that are only available for GNOME 3.38. For now they’re available from mutter-x11-scaling and gnome-control-center-x11-scaling.

Good news is you can still use them on the stable and testing branches. Bad news is as soon as GNOME 40 hits your branch, you’ll need to replace those packages with the defaults. Once Ubuntu updates the patches (maybe later this year?), then those patched packages may return. Hopefully before then, there will be better Wayland / XWayland support from NVIDIA. I’ve heard more improvements are coming this Summer.