Can Manjaro be installed on this tablet?

I have a tablet received by the government for education that is currently in disuse. It was running Android 4.4.2 before it was given to me bricked.

Rather than install the system I had previously, I would like to install manjaro on it. I know about the ARM versions that are in the download section…

I am not someone specialized in this area so I thought I would ask you about a possible method to install the system. No matter what risks it may carry against the tablet’s previous system.

Tablet specifications:
Model: TR10CS1
Processor - intel atom Z3735F, quad core (quad cores) 1.33Ghz, its mid-range processor is complemented by 1GB RAM.
Video processor - intel HD Graphics.
Operating system - Android 4.4.2 kitkat on the CS1.
Storage capacity varies from 8G, 16GB and 32GB.
Display - LCD 10.1" Capacitive 1280 x 800 350pp.
Battery - 6300 mAh Average 12 hours
Camera - Front 0.3 MP VGA, Rear 2.0 MP.
Design - Drop resistant from 70 cm, water and dust resistant.
Dimensions - 272.9 x 1774.4 x 13.2 (mm).
Weight - 735g (without cover and keyboard).
Network - Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.
Connectivity - Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.
Micro USB (2.0), Micro SD (8GB/16GB/32GB).

If you can boot a LIVE USB (ARM), the chances are high.
Maybe the installation is refused, in which case I would believe so…

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It sounds more like a case for LineageOS or similar. You may look at this f.ex.

It won’t run ARM - it is a 64bit x86 so you can try the default ISO - but with 1GB ram you may not be able to run Manjaro Linux.

But - the device may require a 32-bit efi loader - however it is not 100% certain - but if it does it is just raises the bar.

What I am saying - the project - exciting as it may seem is far to much work for one having to ask if it is possible.

You will likely need to build a custom ISO to get it to load on 1G ram


I think only the mate edition has a chance of working with 1G ram. A few years ago i ran a celeron 1,3ghz with i915 integrated graphics and 1G RAM, and it worked well for browsing the web one tab at a time in a lightweight browser.