*Can i upload Rasberry Pi4 PPSSPP emulator*

As a beginner in this matter, I would like to install PPSSPP for Pi4. How can I install I would be glad if you help

It does seem to be in the AUR but it is not tagged as aarch64 compatible, but you can try it to know for sure.

Thanks for reply… Not installing

Did you edit the pkgbuild file to add ‘aarch64’? Most packages will build but some do not.

arch=(x86_64 aarch64)

I don’t know about broadcom in particular (and RPir) but I’m sure I’ve seen at least a few patches from mrfixit when it comes to aarch64 on the rk3399 and PPSSPP:




I don’t know much about linux :frowning:

In short - there is some work to be done here before we can use it on Manjaro ARM without going through workarounds.

@Falldaemon, I could be wrong - last I checked aarch64 support was around June.

Seems like there have been quite a bit of movement on the PPSSPP side. Take a look at the build instructions: https://github.com/hrydgard/ppsspp/wiki/Build-instructions#building-for-raspberry-pi-os-64-bit

It’s worth investigating some more