Can I uninstall hp-uiscan?

If I do not use HP computers and printers, can I uninstall hp-uiscan?

I do not know if it will hurt some system settings.

hp-uiscan is part of the hplip package. You can safely remove it, but you may need to also remove manjaro-printer if it’s installed because it depends on it. You can always reinstall things like cups later if you ever need to print.


so that I can use manjaro-printer without hp-uiscan and HP device manager?

manjaro-printer is just a meta package for the printing software packages. If you only want some of them, first make note of the packages it depends on:

pamac info manjaro-printer

Remove manjaro-printer then reinstall the packages you want.


Couldn’t you simply mark the parts of the program you want to keep as explicitly installed beforehand to save reinstalling them?

sudo pacman -D --asexplicit cups

Just an idea …

Yes, indeed.

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