Can I start pamac gui from terminal?

I’m using manjaro via WSL2 so don’t have a desktop but GUI software can be executed via WSLg. I’ve no idea what command starts the pamac gui though.

Hi @climber,

Try the command


I just tested it and it works for me.


Hmm - WSL is usually based on Ubuntu - and pamac requires pacman (libalpm) to work.

While it is possible to install pacman into an Ubuntu based docker pamac is not readily available to install packages in Ubuntu - because Ubuntu is not Manjaro.

Running pamac and pacman will require a Manjaro base to be functional.


Thank you @Mirdarthos

I installed manjaro using the instructions here So far I haven’t had much of a problem with manjaro in WSL. I do get strange (to me) error messages in the terminal when I execute a GUI app but the apps themselves seem to work OK. Once started from the terminal they even appear in the windows start menu under the manjaro folder which means the terminal can be bypassed altogether.

Edit: I spoke too soon. While pamac-manager starts fine and lists all the files when I clicked on the menu and selected preferences I got the eternal spinning cursor. I also noticed the windows start menu populates the manjaro folder with the names of files (I think) it’s executed. Rather than ‘pamac-manager’ I’ve got a list of 4 or 5 associated (I think) files none of which seem to start the pamac gui. I also tried uninstalling gedit in the pamac gui. The time it’s taking ‘Checking dependencies…’ seems far fetched and I’m assuming it’s froze up.

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