Can I Run a Flavor of Manjaro on Machine that only has 16 GB eMMC drive?

Am repurposing a Toshiba Chromebook that has 4 GB of RAM and a 2.58GHz Intel Celeron N2840. This is purely for light browsing and Zoom.

I have Manjaro Budgie on a Chromebox (which has 32 GB or disk space) and it runs well.

yes it is possibe manjaro minimal is extrimely lightweight

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Cs-cat-hardware.png Recommended System Requirements

Recommended rather than minimum system requirements have been provided in order to ensure that you get the most out of your Manjaro system. Although many distributions will list the bare minimum specifications necessary to run, it wouldn’t be a particularly fun or useful experience to actually use them! As such, it is recommended to have at least:

  • One gigabyte (GB) of memory
  • Thirty gigabytes (GB) of hard disk space
  • A one gigahertz (Ghz) processor
  • A high definition (HD) graphics card and monitor
  • A broadband internet connection

You can try and see how it goes, it may work but you may be limited because of the free disk space left. Not even a minimal install but a full desktop install could be OK, just try.

I have a minimum Manjaro XFCE installed in a 16 GB USB drive, and there is still 3 GB free disk space after installing basic programs. It is certainly possible.

I regularly clear the pacman cache and the browser cache to free up space.

Tip: Use Filelight or a similar tool to clean unnecessary (or not so necessary) configuration files.