Can I remove opencl-amd?

I previously had an AMD GPU on this particular machine. The CPU is AMD.

I have since swapped in a newer NVIDIA GPU and it appears to be working fine with whatever I installed for it.

Today I noticed the opencl-amd package had an update.

Is this a left over? Can it be removed? Is it needed by the CPU for any sort of capatibility?

Didn’t see much in the package documentation to answer these questions.

Remove it and see what happens :person_shrugging:t4:

It’s not needed for anything important, so if you see that you need it, you can easily reinstall.

Oh, and it’s from the AUR, so it’s definitely not needed for a working system.

Hmm…that makes sense.

But, attempting to remove opencl-amd says will break requirements by ocl-icd.

And attempting to remove ocl-icd say it breaks requirements by open-icd-loader and ffmpeg.

I’ve run into this “tree” of requirements breaking before…

Can you paste the output of pamac remove -c opencl-amd

Checking dependencies...
Warning: ocl-icd optionally requires opencl-driver: packaged opencl driver

To remove (1):
  opencl-amd  1:5.7.1-1    

Total removed size: 661.7 MB

Apply transaction ? [y/N]

The key word is “optionally”. It’s safe to remove.

It"s a package from the AUR, and thus by definition unneeded. You can therefore safely remove it.

… and so on, and so forth…

It’s probably best to uninstall it. That said, it likely does no harm to keep it, considering you’re now using Nvidia; I would remove it anyway. If ffmpeg is in any way affected you can always reinstall that. Cheers.

Well … thats not really an end-all.
Just a few threads over is a newbie replacing mesa with mesa-git.
So tomorrow they will have mesa-git from the AUR … simply because it is from the AUR does not mean the system is not relying on it.

Of course thats not true in this case.
Just pointing out the generalization can be false.


Dont use cascade for removal.
It took us years to convince pamac people to stop doing it by default…
(all the lovely examples of … users trying to remove a browser and taking xorg with it)
Please dont invoke it manually unless you know what you are doing.

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