Can I remove NVIDIA related applications from Manjaro if I am not using NVIDIA hardware?

Hi Friends,

I had installed Manjaro KDE on my home desktop Lenovo C3020 AIO. This computer does not have any NVIDIA hardware. I see it is all Intel sourced (i3 processor, Intel integrated graphics etc). I also see from OS that only open source drivers are used.

But I see a few NVIDIA applications installed on my system. Considering the fact I dont use their hardware, can I remove them without causing any system instability? Screen shot attached. Let me know if any further inputs are needed on this context. Thank you.


Hello, check in Pamac on one of this package to see its dependencies.

Maybe it’s a dependency for mhwd, the automatic hardware detection tool from Manjaro. If yes, it should be kept on your system.

thank you.

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