Can I remove CUDA 11.3.1-1 and nvidia-utils?

I checked my installed packages in pamac and trying to debloat my manjaro system and I see this CUDA 11.3.1-1 as the largest size having 3.7Gb and nvidia-utils in 464Mb.

Is this essential to me? will this affect my gaming and other software? I think this is for NVIDIA graphics cards and I only have AMD Radeon RX570 Graphic card.

Why did you install them to begin with? Does anything require them? If not, remove them.

I removed CUDA and nvidia-utils when I swapped my GTX 1060 6GB with a friend’s RX 570, and doing so had no impact on how my GPU worked in Manjaro, so it should be totally safe to remove those packages if you don’t use a Nvidia card.

i don’t know why i have that in my pamac. maybe dependencies? because i’m tinkering to make lutris and steam works and i’m experimenting what will work. so far everything is working in my games now.

okay. i’ll try to remove. hope my systems won’t break.

i have a blender software installed here. will that affect the performance?

You don’t need Cuda for Blender since you don’t have an NVIDIA GPU. For GPU rendering, use OpenCL. See:


thank you very much!

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