Can I remove all partitions?

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More than likely it was a Windows/Samsung/OEM recovery partition; nothing to do with the BIOS, and more to do with Windows.

If a partition table can be written, that and every other partition on the disk will be history. That’s the goal. Does the OP understand the difference between a partition and a partition table?

These are my options here

Running lsblk -f gives me this


Please remove the picture and paste the output in TEXT like described in my earlier post. (the lsblk command). Use the </> button.

You only have one drive.

Use the “erase disk” installation method. There is only old windows leftovers on it as far as I can see.

/dev/sda is selected.
erase disk is checked.
change no swap to allow a swap partition
(size: at least as much as your RAM)
click next.

If there is an error, show it to us.

man jaro@manjaro-13 ]s lsblk -f* *NAME FSTYPE FSVER* *loop0 squashfs 4.0* *loop1 squashfs 4.0* *loop2 squashfs 4.0* *loop3 squashfs 4.0* *sda* *Isdal vfat* *Lsda2* *FAT32* *LABEL* *SYSTEM* *UUID* *26D3-4A7F* *sdb iso9660 Joliet Extension MANJARO_13_2301 2023-09-21-13-55-27-00* *sdb1 iso9660 Joliet Extension MANJARO_13_2301 2023-09-21-13-55-27-00* *-sdb2 vfat FAT12* *MISO_EFI* *[man jaro@man jaro-13"]s* *61D0-1C83* *I* *FSAVAIL FSUSEX MOUNTPOINTS* *0 100% /run/niso/sfs/livefs* *100% /run/misa/sfs/nhudf's* *0* *0* *100% /run/miso/sfs/desktopfs* *100% /run/misa/sfs/rootfs* *0* **0 100% /run/misa/bootant

Does this help? I cant paste directly because the Manjaro forum doesnt support Palemoon and i cant install other browser there, so im using a mobile phone right now.

Almost. Edit your post, press the </> button and paste between the ```:s.

Do what is suggested here: Can I remove all partitions? - #38 by soundofthunder

Have you gone away for pizza? Keep us updated.

Using the screenshot you posted as a reference, please note the following:

/dev/sda is selected.
erase disk is checked.
change no swap to allow a swap partition
(size: at least as much as your RAM)
then click next.

If there is an error, show it to us.

Installation Failed
The installer failed to create partition on disk ‘WDC WD5000LPCX-35VHATO’.
Create a new partition (300.00 MiB, fat32) on ‘/dev/sda’
Job: Create new partition on device ‘/dev/sda’

Command: sfdisk --force --append /dev/sda
Failed to add partition ‘New Partition’ to device ‘/dev/sda’.

Gives me this error everytime.

Did you use erase disk?

Yes, i did.

Thanks, I had to be sure.

The error is something I can’t overcome from here, and it seems neither can anyone else. It might be best to take the machine to your local computer repair shop, and ask for assistance.

Explain the error to them, and they can more easily discover whether it’s an issue with your disk, or misconfiguration in BIOS. I’m afraid I haven’t anything more to suggest.

You could try downloading the GParted disk as I mentioned earlier, and try to create a new GPT partition table, before trying the install again; but I’m unsure how successful that might be at this point.

Thats fine, thank you for trying, and u may be right, its probably something on my disk.

I dont know if this will help.

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I mean, it does not hurt to swipe the disk in gparted first and THEN try to reinstall. But I think that is pretty much what the installer is trying to do if you select “erase disk”.

Just delete ALL partitions and then press save. (all space should be “unallocated”)
You have to press the “v” (save) for anything to actually happen.
Then try to install by selecting “erase disk”.

Try that and report back here with the outcome.
If it fails with gparted trying to remove the disk, copy and paste the log text here.

its deleting the partitions, but its giving me “input/output error during read on dev/sda” error while its deleting it.

Yeah, that starts to sound more and more like some kind of harware error.
We can go deeper and use cli tools and see if that would give closer description of the error, but I feel enough time has been given here and probably won’t change anything.

The last thing you could try is if you have another drive, or even a usb stick with enough space just to test. You can try to install to another device to make ABSOLUTELY sure it is the drive and not something else at fault here.

Edit, well, lets try one last thing actually.

We can try to force overwrite with dd and see what happens.

Open a terminal and type this:
sudo dd bs=1024 count=1048576 if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda conv=noerror,sync status=progress

That will try to fill the device with 1GB of zeros, in effect destroying the filesystem that is there now.
Then try to install with “erase disk” again.

seems like im gonna have to wait till the weekend then, well, thanks for helping, i wouldnt even know what the problem was if it wasnt for you two.

I edited above message, please reread and see if you want to do it.

im gonna try this later and update you if anything happens