Can I redirect startup folders only for openbox?

Manjaro cinnamon is my main de but I installed and set up openbox as backup but minimal alternative de

I read a lot on the internet, mainly on ArchWiki

I have 2 issues

  1. When, for example, I logout from openbox to return to cinnamon (or vice versa), I see that various services such as policy authenticators etc are loaded duplicate, so is there a way without restart to start clean everything after logout

  2. Is there a way for openbox only to redirect ~ / .config / autostart and / etc / xdg / autostart to a folder like ~ / .config / openbox / autostart / autostarts so that I can avoid loading things that do not work in openbox and I do not need without spoiling the settings of cinnamon startups;

I was looking at ~ / .config / openbox / environment but I can not find an edge

ok a solution that works is in every .desktop file in the / etc / xdg / autostart / and ~ / .config / autostart / folders

to add one of the following

OnlyShowIn = X-Cinnamon
NotShowIn = OPENBOX;

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