Can I port Manjaro's konsole style on an other distro running kde plasma?

I’ve used Manjaro (kde plasma), and manjaro’s custom konsole profile is the best I’ve come across.
I now have an other distro, still on kde plasma. And I was wondering if I could have manjaro’s konsole on my new distro.

Thank you.

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Konsole Breath colorschemes are located here. Put them into ~/.local/share/konsole/.

Thank you :slight_smile: .
Do you know if there is a way to have the decorators :

it’s zsh and powerlevel10k theme for it.


thank you :+1:

Another Winnie in the wild! I must get my camera to capture this remarkable occasion! :open_mouth:


You can also copy over your $HOME/.zcompdump if you want the same auto-suggestions while using the zsh shell.

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