Can I make pacman recognize software installed from source (make, make install)?

Hi everyone,
I am a developer at Gambas3 and a newbie to Manjaro. In the Manjaro repositories there is version 3.18.2 of Gambas3. I need the latest stable version, which is 3.18.3, so I installed it from source (make, make install).
Everything has worked wonderfully. The problem is that Gambas3 generates its own .zst packages… which cannot be installed on the system because pacman does not recognize that Gambas has already been installed from source and considers that the dependencies of the generated .zst are not met.
Is there a way to make pacman recognize installed software like this or is there a program capable of compiling/installing software in such a way that pacman recognizes it?
(In ubuntu there is, for example, gdebi, which is an installer for .deb packages that are later recognized by Synaptic, for example).

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No, not by default. If you write a PKGBUILD and use makepkg to build and install, however, it is actually installed and tracked by pacman.

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Wow, I just updated (pacman -Syu) and I see that the version in the repositories is the one I’m looking for. I guess my information was out of date.
Sorry for the noise.

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Recheck that your mirror is up-to-date. According to Packages Gambas3 version is 3.18.3 for all manjaro branches.

Furthermore if you want quicker updates you probably want to switch to testing or unstable branch. (of course that means you need to pay more attention to updates & announcements to avoid possible breakage (which rarely happens at least for me.))

It appears you no longer need this, and repo packages should largely be preferred.
But … just to mention these things: