Can I make it so that I'd never have to enter my root password

I have to enter the password for everything and I’m tired of it.

Take a rest then.


… for everything that is going to affect system files or services
or when touching anything that does not belong to you
(in the sense of what another system’s user owns …)
and that’s is how it should be

Manjaro is a Unix like system - multi user
one random user cannot just access and play with any other users files
without having the necessary credentials to do so …

… log in as root if you don’t want to be asked whether you want to do what you are about to do
and watch your system crumble while you keep doing it, without interference :wink:

you probably meant to say:

Can I make it so that I’d ever never have to enter my root password :sunglasses:

the short answer is:
no -
but doing it just once (to become root) will do

I do hope you catch some of the sarcasm in that last part!

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If you dont want to use the root password, its possible to use sudo and use your password instead.

that made me laugh :wink:

If you’d bothered to search you would have located this topic

You could set your computer to auto-login, disable the screenlock function, set your ‘default keyring’ password to blank (no password) these things may reduce the amount of times you enter your password.

You haven’t really explained exactly what situations are bothering you, so it’s hard to give advice.