Can I Install the Dell Diagnostics Utility On My Laptop?

Laptop : Dell Vostro
My Laptop specs are :
OS : Manjaro Xfce
Ram : 2 gb
CPU : Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor(Intel® 45 Express chipset)
Clock Speed : 2.2Ghz

I was Looking Dell site for drivers and found this :

A driver Compatible for my laptop as the website says.
My Laptop is 64 bits and driver is 32 bits, so should i install it or not?

Hi @Vinayak_420,

Is there anything specific on your laptop not working that requires a driver? Generally, I’d say, if everything’s working, you shouldn’t need to worry 'bout drivers. Or maybe I’m wrong. That’s how I’m working, however.

While it is possible to run 32bit software on 64bit hardware, I don’t know about drivers, since they create a direct “link” between the software and the hardware. Because of that, I wouldn’t, personally, recommend it and don’t think it’s a good idea, if possible, even.

Hope this helps!

Maybe I need a more specific answer about drivers, i am using wine to play games

Depending on the game, wine is generally a Bad Idea™ for use while playing games. It will probably lead to undesired results and, quite possibly, a massive headache as well as prayers to the porcelain god or goddess. None of which are not a Good Thing™.

With regards to your laptop, my previous answer remains 110% the same.

No you don’t need drivers unless it’s a nvidia card.

Steam proton is pretty good! I’ve had quite a bit of success with it so I wouldn’t rule it out so quickly any more.

Yes, steam proton is good, I agree. However, proton != wine. Close yes, but not it.

Let’s define wine:

an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.

So that’s why wine is not recommended for games. It can cause unwanted injury, unwished behaviour, vomiting, Diarrhoea, and many other health problems. And that’s even before the games are started.

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Does proton comes with Steam or I need steam to use proton

You’ll have to look that up yourself.

Hello @Vinayak_420 :slight_smile:

I have looked at that CL1384A0.bin and it is a Bash script which contains a binary blob, which contains python scripts. Very creative… :smiley:

If i run it, i get this error:

  File "/tmp/DDDP_tqpqD8W3/./", line 13
    print "\nThe Python version on this machine does not have"
SyntaxError: Missing parentheses in call to 'print'. Did you mean print("\nThe Python version on this machine does not have")?
Error in execution of Python script, check for proper Python package install

So it seems the python script is not made for version 3.9, but rather version 2.7? However, since it is binary blob, you have unzip it and correct the syntax errors. It is job for the devs of dell :smiley:

I corrected:

./ $startDirectory'/'$programFile


python2 $startDirectory'/'$programFile

and it works:

Here is the corrected file:

wget "" -O ~/CL1384A0.bin && sudo bash ~/CL1384A0.bin

However… this is not a driver… but a utility to create a boot image to check something maybe Ubuntu related?