Can i install drivers on live cd to ssd?

i made the mistake of reinstalling the propriatary driver on my pc today, im not sure what went wrong but when i rebooted my pc only boots into a black screen. im hoping i can just boot into a live cd and install my drivers onto my main boot drive, if this is possible how can i do this? or will i just have to reinstall my os?

Can you switch to console ? CTRL+ALT+F2 ?

Hi @BeanMan,

If you know how to do this from the terminal, it can be done relatively easily. I’m also sure this can somehow be done from the GUI, I just don’t know how to.

You’ll have to boot into a Live ISO environment. From there you’ll have to open a terminal and elevate it to root:

sudo su -

From a live ISO environment the password is manjaro.

From the elevated terminal, enter a chroot environment

manjaro-chroot -a

Be careful now, you are now the root user on your actual system. So any and all commands will be as running them as root on your installation.

From here, execute the commands to install and configure the device. Theoretically, you should also be able to start any GUI apps from here and do it this way, but I have no, none, zero (0) experience at this, so can not give you any more information.

When done, exit the chroot environment.


And reboot to see if it’s worked.

Hope you manage.

Probably dont need any other media … just the tty as above or runlevel 3

See this for tutorial:

From there configure your drivers:

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@Mirdarthos Thank you so much my system works again

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