Can I have multiple driver installed at the same time?

I am using manjaro kde. There are so many options in Hardware setting. I am confused if it is necessary to remove the video-linux driver to use the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-4xx-prime driver. Or can I have both installed.

If you want PRIME and proprietary drivers … you want to use that profile.
video-linux is a catch-all for the open drivers.
All you need to do is select whichever driver series/profile you desire.

In short: Yes you can. In case you have installed the nvidia prime driver, then there have to be a config in /etc/X11/xorg.d. It works with prioritization. If there is no conf file, then automatically the free driver will be mod probed. If there is a conf file which points to nvidia or any other gpu, then this one will be used.

video-linux stands for all free drivers, including intel. It wouldn’t be good for you to remove that in your situation, since you use also a intel gpu.

Basically, I want to use my integrated Intel-GPU driver and for specific cases (such as gaming) I want to use nVidia driver. I know nvidia-prime do this job. It uses the intel-GPU by default and uses nVidia on demand. So is It necessary to have both the video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-4xx-prime & video-linux drivers installed? Or just video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-4xx-prime can do this job alone?

Do not attempt to uninstall video-linux
Select/install video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-450xx-prime

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