Can I get help with python code here?

I am learning some python and have a coding question.
I am trying not to have to pay for help.
Can I ask a coding question here?

I’m afraid offering coding support is beyond the scope of the Manjaro forum.

Perhaps you can direct your question at a Usenet discussion group. There are several free Usenet providers available (e.g. or, and you can access them by way of a Usenet client (e.g. slrn or gnus) or an email client that has Usenet support (e.g. Claws Mail or Thunderbird), or in many cases also via the web-based Google Groups interface.


I’m pretty sure is also a good place to check.


My brother is an admin on the Python Discord site ( They’ve got people available to help with questions too.

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Unless you’re coding in an obscure, proprietary language, you shouldn’t have trouble finding coding communities you can solicit or even join, for free.

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What about StackOverflow?

No matter which language your are trying to learn - you can only learn by hard work - there is no shortcuts.

There is plenty of resources especially on python - they will be more suited

This forum is not about programming - in any language - and learning programming - you cannot do that in forum lke this.

If you learning is part of your education - then we a rule - no help.

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Thanks for all the helpful suggestion.
I will pursue them.