Can I construct my own "sensor" sensors?

Hey there,
I want to get a reading of the power level of my CPU, unfortunately k10-temp is only showing Vcore and Icore:

$ sensors
 Adapter: PCI adapter
 Vcore:         1.41 V  
 Vsoc:          1.13 V  
 Tctl:         +43.0°C  
 Tdie:         +43.0°C  
 Icore:        33.00 A  
 Isoc:         10.75 A

Since power can easily be calculated by multiplying the two, ie Power=Icore*Vcore, I was wondering if it is possible to create another “sensor” as such?
Which I then could in turn monitor in my favorite monitoring software (ksysguard).

So I found sensors.conf(5): libsensors config file - Linux man page and according to this one can compute sensors, but it doesn’t seem one is able to create one or … :thinking:

to whoever moved this to “Desktop & Windows Managers” - that is awfully wrong section.

You’d have to ask AMD about that, they provide the kernel driver.

Indeed. Apparently mentioning ksysguard threw someone off. :wink:

Actually they don’t, the k10-temp is developed by the community.
Furthermore even if, that’s really not the answer your expecting in a community forum. If I wanted to ask AMD, I would have done so directly and not posted in forum where user help other users… :unamused: