Can add files to my back up drive?

Have 3 drives in my laptop and can open a file from within my “backup” dive but am unable to create a new folder in it, or move anything onto it? is my permission wrong?

(sorry, very new to Linux)

your looking in the wrong place. go into the menu and type drives(i think). it’s the way it’s mounted that matters.

sorry, i can’t be of much help with exact instructions as i’ve gone back to sway desktop.
i found kde plasma to be much to clunky for my tastes & prefer just a straight up tiling manager like sway.
it doesn’t have as many restrictions as kde, you can’t even make the print key do screenshots. a basic keyboard task it can’t do on my rpi4 4gb. in sway i just put what i want in the right file & done.

Ok went into disks and changed it to mount on startup. just still the issue that I cant write to it, only grab data off of it.

did you check if it’s mounting rw(read/write) & not ro(read only).

Where would I find that? cant see an option under the mount options.

Your user may not have permission to write to the mountpoint. Is it the same if you mount it to a folder owned by your user?

I’m really sorry, I’m not sure how to mount it to a folder…I apologize, I’m very new at this.

As its a NTFS formated drive:

Go into Control Pannel > Power Option > Change setting that are currently avalable> Untick “turn on fast start-up”

Shutdown Windows, boot into Linux, and enjoy being able to use the drive.

Windows likes storing files on NTFS that don’t play nice with other OS on the system.

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