Camcorder DV import

Hi there,

I would like to import some old videos from DV tapes using my Samsung VP-K80/K85 camcorder. This device has only RCA Connectors as output (no firewire). So I bought two cables :

  1. RCA <-> HDMI
  2. RCA <-> USB

Enabling journald log, nothing happens with HDMI cable while with the USB one, I get the following messages :

kernel - usb 1-3: device not accepting address 56, error -71
kernel - usb usb1-port3: unable to enumerate USB device

In addition, lsusb do not list any device related to my camcorder

Kernel: 5.4.105-1-MANJARO x86_64 bits: 64 Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.21.3


I did this my self with a few months back, captured I used and RCA → HDMI that upscaled to 1080p and then connected it to an HDMI capture module. Then I used Simple UVC Viewer (guvcview) to capture the video. The drawback is that you have to capture the video in realtime… 1 hour tape will take an hour to capture.

Nice solution, thanks for mentioning.

Btw, I would prefer to resolve the actual issue before evaluating the amazon’s alternative.

Your computer will never see your camera… only what ever you may connect in between the two. Your cables must be a converter of somekind which then outputs a video signal. My solution is the only way if the camera only has RCA outputs.

Got the point, thanks

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