Calling/texting (sms) with Pinephone Pro

Should calling and sms sending/receiving work on the Pinephone Pro with the default pine64 Manjaro+plasma? If not, what is the current status?

As I understand it, they should work just fine. The modem is the same as on the regular PinePhone, which has had working phone calling and SMS texting for months.

Only thing that would not work right now, would be the audio itself during calls. It is not routed properly in the Dialer at this point.

When I call another phone using my PPP, I select a number from my contacts and tap the phone button. Instead of seeing a screen with an ongoing call, I get a call history screen and the other phone never rings. Even if it’s just an audio problem, I would expect the other phone to at least ring. When the other phone calls the PPP, the call doesn’t seem to be picked up.

The other phone also never got my sms messages, nor can I receive them.

The SIM card works fine in my original Pinephone.

So my problem was solved by:
$ mmcli -e -m any
As @Strit mentioned, no sound during calls, but sms works.

Works just fine via Phosh and Calls/Chatty.

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