Call for testers, Openbox ISO

New unstable ISO uploaded to OSDN


Update on progress


Thank you for your patience - I am getting there - eventually - here is some appetizer screens

Using polybar

Using tint2

I have been working on creating a true minimal ISO using Openbox and of course a true complete ISO.

The minimal is based on my questions from this topic

The profile has also been adjusted to account for packages no longer available in the official repo.

The ISO has been uploaded to OSDN

I will appreciate all suggestions and feedback you have - with the purpose of finishing the rough edges off.

When we are done with this I will use the feedback provided to update LXDE and LXQt profiles and ISOs as well.


Never run openbox before but I’m giving this a spin in a VM and will give any feedback I can. Might take a while to get used to it though unfortunately

oooooh I would like to try this one out on more than one box, perhaps.

Will see when I can find some time and space. Might take a few days as I wait to see if the US descends into anarchy chaos entropy unpredictable mounting violence this week. Any more than usual, that is. :upside_down_face: :anguished: :scream:

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I’ve spent a few minutes in live session and thought that Xed can be replaced with Mousepad. It’s much faster and with toolbar and few other options it looks very similar to Xed.

Don’t know what other users will think about it but obmenu can be replaced with jgmenu, main one (jgmenu_run) or custom and .csv files are very easy to configure :slight_smile:

  • xed is not DE depend
  • mousepad depends on xfconf - which makes it DE depend and I am trying to avoid that with the minimal ISO - so it would go in as >extra on the full ISO

I have digged into mabox usage of jg menu and it is cool what you can do - and I have the utmost respect for @napcok in this regard. I don’t think I can do that as good as he does.

On the other hand obmenu is openbox standard and I would like - at least the minimal ISO to be as close to standard as possible.

I have considered replacing jg menu with the default openbox menu using a dynamic pipe menu with icons - thus simplifying the number of files to customize.

The goal of the Manjaro Openbox edition is the distinct minimalism with a careful consideration of usability vs. bling - if you get thinking.

My bad, I didn’t look into dependencies :slight_smile:

I’ve only known how it looks, I don’t want to spoil myself fun with configuration, so I refuse myself to dig in his config files :smiley:

It’s easier than it can look, you can trust me.

Yeah sure, it was just a thought.
BunsenLabs have now jgmenu_run under right click and ArchLabs have custom one if I’m not wrong.

In that regard one of menus can be considered as unnecessary when both can do the same thing (icons in jgmenu can be disabled btw).
Replacing obmenu at that moment will require extra configuration, so I agree that leave it be can be a better solution.

I tried the live session. There’s no NetworkManager (applet) and no way to connect via wifi.

Try launching cmst Connman UI Setup

I have the same issue. cmst gives command not found.

minimal or full ISO?

full ISO

You are correct.

I have missed adding the GUI - it will be added to the next ISO

To connect to wifi using CLI - follow these instructions

Got stuck at tty on manjaro-openbox-20.2-unstable-201123-linux59.iso build. When executing startx it showing startx error operation not permitted dbus. Any solutions? Thank you

I have the same issue, can we start the GUI another way manually?

I forgot the display manager in the profile. Login and start the displaymanager - to the issue will persist across installation.

sudo systemctl start lxdm

After install you will have to either chroot into the newly installed system or you will have to repeat after install - using enable --now

I just installed Openbox. It is my first time to use this. And it started like pain in the ass… hehe
After first boot, all good, but no internet. No netwrokmanager or any other possible solution to conect my wifi. After a lot of tries, help from Manjaro telegram group etc, got it working.

please dev, can you include it in next iso, please :slight_smile:
It will be really helpful for people like me, not experienced :slight_smile:

Btw, great work dev. I like it. It is confusing at first, still learning where to start and what to do.Need to use google for that and read a lot.


I know - there is some quirks - I forgot something - thats why it’s unstable :slight_smile:

I have been experimenting with connman because Network Manager as occational issues with OpenVPN especially the ProtonVPN provider.

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In my case Network manager is great. No issues.

Can you help me how to use short keys on my keyboard ,F2,F3? For example keyboard for turning off and on keyboard light is working, but keyboard for wifi, brightness and volume no. As I know , that doesn’t matter which kernel I have, it is more setup somewhere. I am using openbox for 2 days, I like it but still learning. It is not easy as gnome, kde ,hehe

From the root menu you can list the available keybinds or you can use the terminal

manjaro-kb --gui

You can also change keybinds from the root menu
-> Preferences -> Openbox Settings -> Shortcuts Editor

Or a raw file edit from
-> Shortcuts -> Backup and edit rc.xml

Reload Openbox configurations use SuperF10