Call for testers, Jade desktop

Its not designed to run with startx.

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You most likely need to look on archwiki on how to configure xrandr for triple monitor.

I am always happy to help, but i would like very much for people to provide feedback and bug reports instead of software modifications, if something does not work then reading the documentation can help you overcome some coding difficulties.

#Applications:nth-child(3).app { something }

@eweee Usually the best way of doing things like this is to open the UI inspector under dev tools and play with the code live until it works, then when you are ready create a file in /home/username/.config/jade/theme/style.css

That way your changes won’t get overridden by any updates.

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Victor Is stable now? Can i use it for work? Or Is not ready and Need wait.

Has anyone tried to use Jade on ARM? I was thinking I might try this out on my pinebook pro.

I just went for it. I followed the directions on constructing a jade emmc installer for pbpro.

sudo buildemmcinstaller -d pbpro -e jade -n

When I booted it onto my pinebook pro, the installer told me it had successfully flashed onto the emmc. However, it only took it 8 seconds to do so, and when I ejected the SD card and turned on the device, I was greeted by my old distro.

I’m pretty sure I did everything right, but am I missing something?

To create an eMMC installer image, you first need to create the regular install image.

Else the eMMC installer has nothing to flash to the eMMC. So correct approach would be:

  • sudo buildarmimg -d pbpro -e jade -n
  • sudo buildemmcinstaller -d pbpro -e jade

This should give you an image, that’s a little bigger than the original image.

When is ready I will do another announcement on releases section, at the moment there is a issue with keyboard settings defaulting to US on the ISOS’s.

congratulations codesardine.

This version is discontinued, a new version is being worked on and this one will not be upgradable.

I was trying to install Jade on my laptop and just can’t get it to boot. I guess I’ll hold on until the next version is released.

Do you have any more information?

I used JADE for 2 weeks on my laptop and is cool. Never used Chrome OS, but I think JADE is better.

I really do like dynamics wallpapers, and I’d like to have and user wallpapers if it’s possible. Also, one thing cool is how it operates, it feels different from other desktop environment but at the same time it’s easy to navigate.

I’d like to have settings like an app, I think is more comfortable. Also, if it’s possible to modify bottom bar opacity and placement. An app like gnome tweaks will be also good.

you changed the jadesktop folder to jde? and after I update the system, I can’t enter home after I enter the key password

I posted this 22 days ago, bare in mind this is the QA section for experimental stuff.

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did you delete the file.iso ?

Experimental images won’t be available anymore, here or in the website.
You can build it yourself using buildiso.

I’m curious when can we expect another release?

Don’t know, I will have to see when I have time to get back to it.