Calibre: "Open containing folder" doesn't work

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:
Found that when clicking on “Open containing folder” in Calibre app, from the context menu on any book - nothing happens. And if the book has few formats and I try “Choose the format to view”, pick pdf - also nothing. Run calibre from the terminal to find an error - clear.

I wrote to Calibre bugs and receive a very quick answer from Kovid Goyal - bug link

In a nutshell, the problem with xdg-open.

These actions happen by passing the file:// URLs to Qt which in turn passes
them to xdg-open on Linux. xdg-open on your system is presumably broken. (from bug link)

But strange that, for example, from VSCode “Open containing folder” works well. Or from Firefox open the downloaded file folder but in calibre stop working.

Maybe there is a way to fix it?

Calibre - 6.17
OS - Manjaro Gnome 23.0.0

For me it works. Maybe you need rebuild some python packages as Calibre is python based software?

Good idea. Checked with pacman -Qoq /usr/lib/python3.10/. Found just ope AUR package Notorious (simple note app), not related to calibre.
Also installed rebuild-detector, empty output. Seems all Python

packages for calibre not from AUR

Also, I noticed strange behavior. If press v (view book) on a book in pdf format, the book opens in “Document Viewer”. But if press Alt+v to select format, and in the popup with just one pdf select it and press “Ok” — nothing happens

It’s due to a bug in xdg-desktop-portal-gnome. :arrow_down:

Calibre is not a GNOME/GTK application — it has some qt6 bindings — so it may be affected by this bug.

Seems it could be the reason. Thanks for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

For now, you could try removing xdg-desktop-portal-gnome and replacing it with the generic xdg-desktop-portal-gtk. :man_shrugging:


sudo pacman -R xdg-desktop-portal-gnome && sudo pacman -S xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

I checked and both these packages are already installed. Try to delete xdg-desktop-portal-gnome but it doesn’t help.
After that, I installed Virtualbox with a fresh Manjaro Gnome. I updated and installed the latest Calibre (6.17) and on VM all is working…
At this point, I confused about where to try to search for the problem

Did you log out and back in after the switchover?

Ye… Doesn’t work.
Maybe it could be related to mime type settings? Remembered, early when installing VSCode, have a bug when clicking Open containing the folder Calibre opens in VSCode. But after adding inode/directory=nautilus.desktop to .config/mimeapps.list fixed the issue

There is one piece of good news.
If I try to open the folder not through the context menu, but by pressing the O key, everything works.
Screenshot from 2023-06-07 00-38-17