Calendar Reminders - high RAM consuming process

I’ve been using this distribution for some months now, running on a (not very powerful) 82YU Lenovo V15 G4 AMN. At startup i notice that i have a “Calendar Reminders” process that consumes a lot of ram (around 1 Gb). I was wondering if there was a way to optimize this usage, or to remove this process permanently, since i never encounter any problem once i disable it.

Hi @ricvigi , and welcome!

From :

Seems like the Akonadi framework is responsible for the “Calendar reminders” taking up memory. As soon as I executed akonadictl stop as user, the issue was resolved.

hey @Mirdarthos, thanks for your reply!
I remember reading that post a while ago, the problem is that running that command kills that process just for the current session, meaning if i reboot and then check the system monitor, the process is still present. I suppose it’s something related to the akonadi framework, but i wonder if there is a more drastic solution? I understand it’s needed for some applications to run correctly, but the size of it is just unbearable (i’m running on 8gb RAM)

Well, since you specifically mentioned the calendar, you could always uninstall that:

pamac remove akonadi-calendar

Or even the complete akonadi:

pamac remove akonadi

By default, akonadi uses Mariadb, so best would be then to remove that as well:

pamac remove mariadb

Or, if you don’t want to remove it completely, you can just disable it:

systemctl disable mysqld.service

That’s all I can offer.

Hope this helps!


I have no idea if this’ll break anything or not, so don’t hold me responsible if it does.


As has been mentioned elsewhere … its likely the combination of akonadi+mariadb.

I personally find akonadi offensive in general.

But you can choose to use SQLite instead.

(I dont have mariadb or mysql installed)

What do you mean by offensive? Personally i find it a very “uncomfortable” process… It is a true RAM sucker, and i cannot find any difference into using it or not, but i’m forced to kill it every once in a while because it’s a true RAM eater.

I’m hesitating into removing it because i am not completely sure that it won’t cause any issues with my system.

Both akonadi and pim are whole ‘suites’ of software I dont find very useful, but can be a source of consternation.

You might find out whats actually requiring it.

pactree -r  akonadi

If you ‘need’ it for something … then you still are not required to use mariadb … I only have/use sqlite.
The link above has some methods for using it instead. See that whole section up to and including
KDE - ArchWiki

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