Calendar application for manjaro sway?

I have used Sway on Fedora briefly and I had the experience that a calendar of the month was showing up when I was tapping/clicking on the date on the waybar. Obviously, the calendar was not functional for any other means but it was a nice addition.

Can this be achieved in Manjaro Sway as well? I am new to sway and I don’t know which application was available in Fedora. I am not aware if the calendar is already available in Manjaro Sway, i.e. tapping or right clicking on the waybar’s date does not bring out a calendar.

I see many new users interested in Sway DE.

I think only @appelgriebsch can help you with sway .

It’s a bit hard to say if that can be done. At least we need a small utility that can show a calendar with weeks when clicking on the date item in waybar.

I haven’t thought of any yet as my main tool for calendars and tasks is Thunderbird. But if someone has an idea of some small utility apps for those areas, I’m happy to take a look and update the default Sway image profile accordingly…

Oh ok, appelgriebsch has been my favorite anyway. I think we are becoming friends :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want me to message him directly, let me know. I can do provided appelgriebsch is ok with it. Otherwise, I will keep on posting here.

I am settling down with sway as it provided me the best experience in my pinebook pro among the other flavors. I would normally prefer gnome but it is out of question in my pinebook pro. So, I will likely be messaging regarding Sway wm.

I apologize I can’t be specific and give a name of the software. It was a basic calendar that just showed days of the month; nothing else. I thought maybe you know it already.

Yes, I am also using Thunderbird in my install. I also use Emacs Org agenda; lightly for the time being. I guess it could be nice to have a tooltip like calendar still.

No it is better to post here so other users can go through this thread to find solution to similar requirements.

Good to hear that, It is @appelgriebsch hard work of maintaining sway on Manjaro arm project.

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I just found out that there is a build-in, read-only calendar tooltip in Waybar… you only have to enable it in your .config/waybar/config

"clock": {
  "tooltip": true,
  "tooltip-format": "<big>{:%Y %B}</big>\n<tt>{calendar}</tt>"

Please give it a try and let me know if that’s the popup you mentioned. I can update the default config in the Sway image accordingly.

yes, this was it. I would appreciate if you could do that. I think it is a nice touch to give sway a bit more of a desktop feeling. And it is handy at times when you need to quick look at the calendar without waiting for emacs/thunderbird to open.

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Done. Commit: [sway] remove foliate from default install; add calendar tooltip to waybar (f62312c0) · Commits · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

Great, thank you.

I guess I will make a fresh install when you release the next Manjaro Sway Pinebook Pro image.

In the meantime, I tried to copy and paste your snippet to ~/.config/sway/config; it didn’t work. I am having problems in pinpointing the sway config files anyway. I need to get familiar with.

You don’t have to update the .config/sway/config, but the .config/waybar/config…

Sway is just the tiling window manager… the bar on top doesn’t belong to it, but is a dedicated application called Waybar… (same goes for the application launcher and the notification daemon).

EDIT: for a good overview of the difference between tiling wms such as sway and classical desktop environments such as GNOME or XFCE feel free to read my blog post: New Tech on the Blog

Ah ok, thank you for the tip. I edited the waybar config and updated by rebooting. I have tool tip giving me the current date now; but not the month. I had the month showing up when I was clicking on the clock. I guess this could be adjusted by tweaking the tooltip entry?

Thank you for the link; I will read.

Sorry, I just wanted to add if the calendar could be triggered by clicking on the clock instead of a tooltip; it could be great.

I am very new to Sway; so, I am getting accustomed to config files and such. I realize Manjaro Sway has additional config files. I am trying to find my way.


I am just updating you with the calendar issue again. I tried the code below:

“clock”: {
“interval”: 60,
“format”: “ {:%e %b %Y %H:%M}”, // Icon: calendar-alt
“tooltip”: true,
“tooltip-format”: “{:%Y %B}\n{calendar}”

with the above snippet, I am able to have the calendar as a tooltip, which is great. I think this way works; I am not interested in triggering the calendar with a click on clock.

I realized a minor mistake; correcting it fixed the problem.

Many thanks. I guess one problem solved.

i use zenity --calendar for click.
“clock”: {
“format”: "  {:%a %d %b,%l:%M %p} ",
“tooltip”: true,
“tooltip-format”: “{:%B %Y}\n{calendar}”,
“on-click”: “zenity --calendar”