Calendar Applet Not Working Properly

When selecting the calendar applet clicking on the dates does not do anything it acts like a static image.

Are there any applets updates?

No I think the issue is because cinnamon 4.8 is not officially released yet and Clem has not updated the applets for it yet.

I am using version 4.8.0 with World Clock Calendar, which is a fork of the default calendar applet and it works just fine, it allows you to add times from different parts of the world at the bottom.

Also, Cinnamon applets work on a false negative mentality… the applet has in its json file a list of Cinnamon versions that it works with. If Cinnamon detects that the current version is not listed as compatible then it will fail to load the applet even though the applet may very well just work.

You can also edit the metadata.json file and just add your version to the list of cinnamon versions.

/home/<user>/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/<your applet>/metadata.json

Interesting well I’ll have to look into it and check that other one out. Thanks