Calamares Problem

I have an instalation issue. For some reason (I don’t know), calamares is throwing this error:

<div><strong>Command '['btrfs', 'subvolume', 'create', '/tmp/calamares-root-_925njzh/@']' returned non-zero exit status 1.</strong></div><div>None</div><div><br/>Traceback:</div><div><pre>File &quot;/usr/lib/calamares/modules/mount/;, line 251, in run
    mount_partition(root_mount_point, partition, partitions)

  File &quot;/usr/lib/calamares/modules/mount/;, line 197, in mount_partition
    subprocess.check_call([&quot;btrfs&quot;, &quot;subvolume&quot;, &quot;create&quot;,

  File &quot;/usr/lib/python3.10/;, line 369, in check_call
    raise CalledProcessError(retcode, cmd)</pre></div>

I hope someone could put me in the right direction with this, please.

Was your disk mounted when you started calamares ?

Yes, it was.

strange (to me) sense of humor

… you where not really trying for three months to get to the bottom of this, where you? :wink:

if you indeed where and still are -
provide some more detail
re the hardware, software version, and the stage in the procedure that this occured at

and unmount your disk
before you attempt to modify partitions and filesystems on it

it should not have happened - but it did - and was the reason for many … irritations