Calamares installer fails in creating partition

I downloaded the minimal version and it seems to run fine from the USB stick. However, it will not install.

I make it all the way through setup and partitioning but immediately after clicking “Install”, I get this message:

Installation Failed
The installer failed to create a partition table on HGST545050A7E680
Create a new partition table (type: gpt) on 'dev/sda’
Job: Create new partition table on device "/dev/sda’
Command: sfdisk /dev/sda

Any suggestions as to what I (or the installer) did wrong?

I also tried installing the full version of Manjaro/Openbox and got the same problem.

That is odd because I have successful installed other OS and DE on that laptop from USB sticks.

Im running Manjaro Openbox as well, though I installed it from the previous ISO. I am not sure what the challenge may, I am sure some of the veteran linux guys can better assist. I am only running OIB since July this year and really loving the experience so far

This should have separate thread in Support/Installation i guess.

I don’t install new systems often, but I probably had similar issue once or twice. And it’s probably something that not only Calamares suffers. Anyway, in my case removing/deleting partition and creating new one fixed the issue. I assume you have installed many distributions on these partition.

Resolved. Booted from the USB, then used Gparted to create partition. Exited Gparted and ran install. All seems well.

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I always create my partitions prior to using installation software, as I find it simpler that way. (simple suits me best… :wink: )

That is the solution for this problem ?

It sounds like a work around, not a solution.

I had the same problem and this continues to be an issue of some laptop/ desktop configurations. Here’s what I found. When installing Manjaro, just delete the partition where you want to run the OS using gparted before the installation. That should do it.