Calamares Installer Fails at Final Prompt

I am trying to install Manjaro Gnome on my Macbook Pro 11,1. I have successfully ran KDE and XFCE versions before. When getting to the final prompt to accept the installation, the installer quits. I have tried two different downloads of the image and both were written using Etcher.

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FYI, the graphical installer used in all Manjaro editions is called Calamares. :wink:

Do you have more than 2GB RAM? There has been recent issues with machines with less than 4GB.

Hello and thank you! Yes the laptop has 8GB of RAM. I am trying the opensource install option to see if that changes anything. Before I had selected proprietary.

It also failed using open source option.

FYI, The only reason to choose proprietary is if you have a fairly recent NVIDIA GPU.

Either way, if it happens again, instead of installing from the dock shortcut, run the following command to launch the installer instead to upload a log to and link it here:

calamares_polkit | curl -F 'file=@-' 

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