Calamares error, waiting for module partition

I had managed to successfully install Manjaro GNOME and was using it for a while and I enjoyed it.
Due to an update, my nvidia drivers were messed up and I lost the graphics to my system, I had backed up all my data so I decided to reinstall the OS, dual boot with my existing OS, windows 10.
I reset the windows os as well, but when i try installing Manjaro now, or any other linux distro, the installers seem to stop when selecting partitions.
I ran “sudo calamares --debug” and got the following output.

 void Calamares::requirementsChecker::reportProgress()
    Remaining modules: 1

A full log can be found here - log

Can someone help with this ?
I have fastboot disabled, hibernation disabled on windows and secure boot disabled from the BIOS settings.
I am using a Lenovo Legion Y540 right now