Calamares crashes during install - Toshiba NB550D netbook

Talos 22.1.0 KDE minimal successfully installed to my ancient, circa 2008, 8GB Intel desktop system and a new Minisforum AMD HX99G mini computer. Manjaro KDE runs great on both.

However when attempting a fresh install of Talos 22.1.3 to a 2GB RAM Toshiba NB550D netbook Calamares crashes after clicking ‘Install now’. Reading the forum I believe this may be due to the memory requirements of the animation that runs in Calamares whilst the install is performed.

It’s a pity because despite the low power and memory of the netbook it is otherwise very useful and KDE runs remarkably well. I like the animation in Calamares but I am hoping in future installers, Manjaro 23.0+ perhaps, the animation will be optional so as to be able to install to low memory systems.

You could create a swapfile before installing.

Interesting suggestion, I will look into that.

I am pleased to report that similar works. This is what I did:

  1. I had a spare 1GB USB flash memory device. I formatted the entire device as swap using mkswap.
  2. Booted the installation media.
  3. Obtained the UUID of the above swap device using sudo blkid.
  4. Activated the swap using sudo swapon -U <swap device UUID>

After that the Calamares installer would proceed beyond ‘Install now’ and display the animation.


Glad to hear you were successful!

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