Calamares cannot start with boost-libs 1.83.0-2 and so it can break all ISOs

Trying to launch calamares 3.2.62-4 I get:

calamares: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I suspect it is still built against the boost-libs 1.81.0 so it needs a rebuild.

I have posted it here too Cannot start with boost-libs 1.83.0-2 (#81) · Issues · Applications / calamares · GitLab but I see there is not much activity in regards to replying to issues there and this could be a major issue with all of the Manjaro new ISOs that cannot use Calamares at all.

I have tested it with TROMjaro, a Manjaro spin, since the official Manjaro ISOs are not up to date and thus use an old boost-libs package.

So please check because this can be a major issue for the live ISOs.


You can sim link it to make it work.

That was done earlier and 3.2.62-5 is available in all branches.

Sure, if you want to break things.

Ok I see it now. Maybe my repos were not fully updated. Thanks!

You don’t break things in the live session as it was only to get calamares to start.

so i’m guessing there will be rebuild of the official ISOs soon

You know the question should be how do you not know the install button doesn’t work before you do the actual ISO release and simply use a previous version of Calamares?

An older version of calamares won’t work as it is a boost library problem.

I can think of THREE distros that just did fresh releases that knew about the problem and DID use a previous version of Calamares.

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