Caffeine disable Auto-suspend when network streaming?

I have powersaving auto-suspend set for 20 mins. When streaming a video over the network (client TV, host manjaro laptop) & suspend kicks in, the video is interrupted.
Can Caffeine-ng can be used to disable suspend in this case?

Caffeine has preferences for auto-activation when playback is detected, but Im unsure how to set that for Gnome media sharing.

I also noticed caffeine-ng (enable/disable in tool bar) seems be just an {on/off} button for suspend & doesn’t seem to have any intelligent behaviour, or I’m using it wrong. This is ok, but its only slightly more convenient than just turning suspend on/off in the sys prefs.
I was hoping for it to only stop suspend when there is network streaming in effect. Is it possible?

Are you not seeing the context menu clicking on the tray icon? You’ll see options for auto-activation in the preferences.

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Yes I do see those but Im unsure how to set that for Gnome media sharing, as mentioned.

I have to set a ‘process name’ & it is not an app like ‘vlc’ in this case. Perhaps it is something like ‘gnomemedia.service’ but I have no idea.

I’m not sure, either. Perhaps create an upstream issue and see if someone has an idea.