C and C++ Compilers are missing in live iso image


I have installed the latest Manjaro 20.1.1 to my PC and have noticed that the Qt Designer is pre-installed as it is included in the live image with KDE Plasma 5.

But as soon as I launched the terminal and entered the gcc command, I got a response that it wasn’t found. The g++ compiler was also not found.

Compared to the previous release, the C and C++ compilers along with the Qt Designer are all included in the live image but for the latest release I have mentioned, only Qt Designer is included. This doesn’t make sense as without the C++ compiler, the Qt Designer is useless and now I’m assuming that the latest release may be a mistake.

I wish the latest release should still include both C and C++ compilers along with Qt Designer in the live iso image the way it was. All these applicatons were included in the previous release of Manjaro KDE Plasma making it attractive to users like me.

But now, I’m quite dissapointed with the latest release as the C and C++ compilers were pulled out from the live iso image. I prefer these software to be available for use as soon as the operating system is installed.

Moving to Feature Request.

As an aside, is it that difficult to issue:

sudo pacman -Syu --needed base-devel?

I’m fairly certain these packages (gcc and the rest of base-devel) has not been in the Live ISO images, since Manjaro removed AUR support by default.
If you need to compile software, you should know that you need to double check that the base-devel group is installed. :slight_smile:

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Qt designer is not “intentionally” included in the isos. It’s just that we get qt packages from Arch linux, and Arch packages qt designer with qt. So any qt apps also pull qt designer even when it is not needed.

I’m not saying it is difficult. It is about convenience.

If the software that I have mentioned would be ready for use after successful installation of the OS, the more convenient it would be as I won’t have to do a separate download as the tools I need are ready on the spot.

Hopefully, the newer release would again include the C and C++ compilers together with the Qt Designer in the live iso image the way it was.

Thanks for moving this topic of mine to feature request and I hope this would be granted.

Guess I could hijack this thread to ask why iso-profiles’ mhwd package list pulls in GCC and other dev tools via zfs and mesa-opencl. It feels like a lot of stuff in there is quite useless, am I wrong? I removed them from my manjaro spin and haven’t felt any negative consequences so far, except of course for a smaller ISO size!