Buzzing sound (probably after updates)

I updated from 5.15 to 5.17 before due to the wifi issues from the forum. do you mean to just test in 5.15 live boot?

no just install the 5.15 and 5.10 and reboot and select them in the grub menu and test if the audio wokrs with the LTS kernels

try with

sudo pacman -S sof-firmware --overwrite="/usr/lib/firmware/intel/sof-tplg"
sudo pacman -S sof-firmware --overwrite="*"

I tried 5.15, same problem. And I can’t boot into 5.10. maybe because of the new hardware and drivers?

tried both, still same output and error

all right so install the latest kernel 5.18 and try with it, if it doesnt work, we try pulse/pipewire install/uninstall

btw I could not find the password of this account before, so I registered new one. Now I recovered this…

you cant boot on older kernel 5.10 , remove
keep 5.15 LTS and 5.17 , may be add 5.18 coming ( in state this is RC , Release Candidate , coming in stable )

good damn, i just realized that youre not OP …

a quick question before moving forward, if I had to switch 5.17 back later, will I just need to

sudo pacman -S linux517-headers linux517-nvidia
sudo mkinitcpio -P

and reboot?

why do you want to install headers and nvidia?
post output from:
mhwd-kernel -li

5.18 has the same problem . And I install those before based on my another question here. And I found while installing new kernels, old nvidia and headers will be removed and instead install those with corresponding kernel version

Currently running: 5.18.0-1-MANJARO (linux518)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
   * linux517
   * linux518

you have already installed the 517 kernel, so you dont need to install again headers, just reboot and switch to it in grub menu

sounds good, then what’s next?

well since you already have installed pipewire, thats not much you can do… your hardware is probably too new, so it has not yet good support…

it is wired there is no such problem before… not sure if it is because of the update or not as I updated two days ago and the problem is happened today… any sanity check that can be done?

so your speakers were working fine before the update?

sorry I edited that. The speaker never worked (I believe it is just an issue can’t fix now), the output sounds worked well before. And there are noises output from internal when open apps with sounds or notifications with sound come in. Also, the sounds from the monitor is no longer working as well now (worked before as well)

so the built in speakers didnt worked, but the output like headphones, etc did?

Yup. They are working now as well except the noise