Businessreport of the Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG

Dear Manjaro Team,

I am curious of the current developments of the Manjaro GmbH. Every news I could find in the net is that Manjaro formed this GmbH, can finance two of the main developers and is consulted by Blue Systems, the maintainer of the Netrunner and Kubuntu Linux Distributions.

I am totally aware, that almost all of the development work done for Manjaro right know, is made from volunteers. Still I would like to know if the GmbH is doing right, how many people can work part, or full time on Manjaro and what future developments are planned and if there are certain consumer groups, the GmbH is targeting. What kind of business model is the GmbH following right now? Is it following an early Canonical approach for the Linux Desktop, or aiming for the server segment, which is done by RedHat, SUSE, or Canonical? Or is Manjaro aiming for something completely different?

I am totaly ok if you say, that is a business secret, or not clear yet. I hope I am not targeting
a sensible point here, by starting a debate about the vice versa of an economic oriented FOSS-company. In my opinion FOSS can only succeed, if people can make a living out of it.

Best regards

All the info about this is in the old forum unfortunately ( They announced a lot about it.

Manjaro distro itself is still separate from the Manjaro company iirc. Manjaro distro is staying as a community project, not a company owned project.

Thanks for the hint. But there are only old posts about the creation of the GmbH and that laptop incident, but nothing more in detail. Like if the GmbH is a healthy profitable company, is it growing, does it want to expand, or is its main focus in cutting costs of the main maintainers.
That would really be interesting.