Burning subsystem for K3B

Should I use mkisofs and cdrecord as burning subsystem for K3B or
any other like wodim ?

Could you elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish because K3B will call the correct program automatically depending on whether you’re trying to build a Joliet FS (mkisofs) or an audio CD (cdrecord)

Its settings allow you to change the program if one would fail (E.G. cdrecord can fail for some DRM-crap CDs)


I want to write a data compilation containing 33.8GB of data.
The data are text files and jpeg pictures.

I have the following problem:
I have bought Verbatim BD-R 50GB.
I can´t write these discs without write errors.
I have used K3B unter Manjaro KDE, CDXPburner under Windows 10 and xfburn under Manjaro XFCE.

And they all fail using the same Blue-Ray Drive?

You don’t have a software problem: You have a hardware problem: Your Blue-Ray Drive is failing…


I can write CD-RW, DVD-RW, BD-RE 50 GB without any problem.

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  • What’s the brand / make / Model
  • Has it ever worked?


I have a LG BH16NS55.

Until now, I haven´t used BD-R, only BD-RE 25GB or 50GB.

That should work. The only issue I’ve been able to DDG is related to a particular manufacturer of media and that is CMC Magnetics. That’s not the media manufacturer you’re using, right? (Might be different from brand name: check manufacturer)

Otherwise: sorry, can’t help you any further…


How can I check the manufacturer of the media ?

Take a high-res pic of the backside of the media and post here and I’ll show you…

Here is the picture of the BD-R

cdrecord is to be preferred over wodim.

wodim was a rewrite of the cdrecord code due to a longstanding conflict between Jörg Schilling (the author of cdrecord) and Debian. As a result of the conflict, Schilling changed the licensing of cdrecord from the GNU GPL over to the CDDL, which is a Free Software license created by Sun Microsystems ─ which has in the meantime been acquired by Oracle ─ for the OpenSolaris project.

The CDDL (“Common Development and Distribution License”) is a valid Free Software license and is accepted as such by the Free Software Foundation, but at the same time, the FSF also points out that the CDDL is not compatible with the GNU GPL. And that is why Debian then forked the code and released their version of it under the GPL.

Many distributions blindly followed Debian’s decision and supplied wodim in their distro instead of Schilling’s cdrecord, although cdrecord is technically superior to wodim, which was poorly maintained, and may actually ─ or so I’ve heard ─ not have been maintained anymore in years.

In Arch proper and Manjaro, the contents of the cdrkit package (effectively wodim) are symlinks to the contents of Schilling’s original cdrtools (and thus cdrecord), whereas in other distributions that still blindly follow Debian and/or RedHat, it’s actually the other way around. Gentoo also offers the original cdrecord.

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My apologies for being unclear: Take a high-res pic of the backside of the box of the media and post here and I’ll show you…

Now the scan of the backside of the box:

Verbatim and made in Taiwan, so not CMC Magnetics which is made in China…

I can’t help you any further…


Actually, I can´t burn these BD-R 50GB without any errors.

I have returned the box to the dealer.


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