Burning an ISO to DVD

I’d like to burn an iso to a DVD. I tried using the wodim command, but, it doesn’t seem to be installed. Is that available with Manjaro?

I already tried Xfburn and it only provides an option for my usb key instead of my DVD drive.

Can Xfburn burn an iso to usb?

I have not used Xfburn, but you can do that easily with Brasero. It is one of the options when you start the program. “Burn Image”

It is, yes… :arrow_down:

[16:02:23][aragorn] >  ls -l /usr/bin/wodim 
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 8 Jul 25 16:00 /usr/bin/wodim -> cdrecord

… but as you can see, in Manjaro (and Arch) it is a symlink to /usr/bin/cdrecord, which is the original CD/DVD-burning software created by the recently deceased Jörg Schilling ─ the package is called cdrtools.

The actual wodim is part of a package called cdrkit, which ─ as I understand it ─ is no longer being maintained, and never was as good as cdrecord. Therefore, the wodim command has been symlinked to cdrecord in Manjaro and Arch.

I have no experience with that software, but you could always try k3b, which is excellent burning software for optical media ─ I use it myself. It uses cdrecord in the background.

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Ok, tried k3b. That works, thanks!

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Thanks. I didn’t notice your reply so I ended up trying k3b. k3b worked. But, thanks for replying.

K3b is good too, I have both. I like K3b for ripping music cds into flac files for playback on my audio system over usb stick also.

I actually heard of Brasero, but, just forgot about it. I think I recall it didn’t have great reviews on Linux Mint, anyways.

On the other hand, had to install a lot of extras for k3b. Always a trade-off. Not sure why xfburn wouldn’t recognize my DVD.

Haven’t had to write to a DVD in so long, but, I figured I wanted to use up some old DVDs lying around for possibly a decade!

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