Bumblebee + OBS studio NVIDIA NVENC

I’m really pulling my hair here trying to get this working so I’d really appreciate it if someone more experienced here could chip in.

I’m trying to record a playthrough of the game Hotline Miami (Good Old Games version) with OBS Studio, using NVENC encoding. Now, when I go to mhwd (I’m using an Optimus laptop Intel HD 630 + GTX 1050m) the three hybrid graphics options that it gives me are:

  • video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime
  • video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-470xx-prime
  • video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-390xx-bumblebee

Now, I’m experiencing performance drops when running the game with prime-run, tested with both of the available prime drivers. Using bumblebee’s primusrun the game runs perfectly. Setting all of this up took quite a bit of effort, however I am now facing another (hopefully) final roadblock - when trying to record with OBS while running bumblebee it gives me the following error:
[h264_nvenc @ 0x56426a7c8840] Driver does not support the required nvenc API version. Required: 11.1 Found: 8.1
[h264_nvenc @ 0x56426a7c8840] The minimum required Nvidia driver for nvenc is 470.57.02 or newer

So my question is, is there a way to have a NVIDIA bumblebee 470.xx driver or is there another way I can solve this?


This should answer your question partly …

See the available methods here
Optimus-Manager might be the way to go for you. Some games might work better with bumblebee, but overall is known to actually have lower performances and also uses the legacy drivers as explained above.

unfortunately that does not seem to be working for me either. I’ve read those articles before, I’ve tried with optimus-manager this time (in hybrid mode, setting the variables and in pure nvidia mode), but the results are the same as with the hybrid drivers. Game sometimes stutters on its own and definitely starts starts stuttering once I start recording.

I’m at a loss here. It seems to me that even after all these years using Linux for things such as the ones I’m trying to do now is still not viable for Optimus type laptops. Thanks NVIDIA.