Bulgarian translation

Hi, just wanted to let you know that i just finished the bulgarian translation of pacman-mirrors, so it is now 100%

But all the phrases are unreviewed and i don’t see a button to submit for review, and who is the reviewer? Do i miss something?

Please also create an issue on GitLab.

How do i register there?

You may either use github.com or gitlab.com accounts to sign-in.

Github account definitely does not work. In gitlab i logged in with google, but i guess i does not recognize it because of the different domain. I even deactivated ublock for this.

https://gitlab.manjaro.org/ login is broken. Neither existing Gitlab or github user is accepted, and there is no register link. In case you wonder why there are no new users and issues from new users. Right now is seems Manjaro-Team Exclusive club.

Apparently @philm disabled new registrations for the same reason Arch has–an influx of spammers.

However, if you have an existing account, there should be nothing stopping you from logging in.

No i don’t have a gitlab.manjaro.org account. I am perfectly happy with the forum and don’t really need another communication channel (i am not a developer) but you said i have to file an issue about the bulgarian translation there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, you don’t “have to” create an issue on GitLab. I suggested it so the developers will be aware. I didn’t realize Phil had disabled new registrations when I said that.

I could login using my 2FA without problem…

Im not on the team…

Maybe @phil can create an account for him and share the credentials with @Teo in PM, now that he will read this due to the “pings” :wink: