Built in microphone doesn't work

Hi Guys, im totally new in Linux, i have a problem with my built in microphone. IDK why today it stoped working, i can’t find build in microphone instead my monitors are my microphone O.o when I turn on the recording program, it records the sound from my system.
I cant add screen shots, idk why, what i can do for more info? Can u guys help me?

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If you’re 100% sure you didn’t do anything, it’s broken.

If you upgraded packages, use the forum’s search function. There are numerous threads about this issue here…

As far as I know, this problem depends on some recent alsa library updates. But it also depends on the hardware your using. I have 3 Notebooks running Manjaro and only the newest one (AMD Ryzen based) shows this problem.

You can find more details in this thread: Manjaro Gnome on lenovo T14s AMD no input device (mic) since last update

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Big, big thanks, I found a solution in the topic you proposed. I downgrade my alsa version.

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