Builds on also discussed here?

The builds there make IMO big steps towards a usable plasma mobile. Receiving calls has made a big progress, plasma ifself polished heavily.

Only thing that not work ATM are outgoing calls and SMS ?

Yes - they are working hard to make it work

Outgoing calls tested with:


No one establishes a call. Looks like call was not initiated?

It is by no means related to the hardware.

I am primarily using the phosh system - currently beta3- and it is working without hitches - every thing works …

Tested Phosh also. But an 20-30% of incoming calls when the phone is in deep sleep the call is missing.

Up to now this us better with plasma-mobile ??? I think that there is a different modem-management in Phosh than in plasma-mobile ?

Yes - that is normal - not optimal - but normal - as it still is acting as a desktop system - when it goes to sleep it is really sleeping - you will have to wake it using the power button.

I didn’t really check that scenario - but will do - see what I can report with this matter.

I thougth that PHOSH is a phone shell and optimized and solely developed for phones?

I just tested my pinephone using phosh without waking it.

It was in deep sleep and calling the number did wake the phone as expected. I took around 30s for the phone to wake up and signal the call.

I will check again tomorrow - after leaving it untouched for the night.

THIS is the problem with Phosh:

Sometimes 5-6 seconds for waking up and sometimes about 30 seconds. Lot of calls will be missed. This makes up to now Phosh unusable for my needs.

plasma-mobile seems to behave better here

I just checked - from initiating the call to the pinephone - it woke immediately and began ringing within 10s.

I think that is within reason …

Up to 10 seconds is long!

It is possible, You hear it on second or third rin. An lots of providers drop the call if in 15 seconds there is no answer. Up to 3-5 seconds it will be ok, but 10 is tooo long

Maybe we pay the price for the USB based attach to the modem and not a direct one. AT commands take its time…

AFAIK also the Librem 5 suffers the same problem and it is NOT solved up to now ?

I don’t know where you are located but I don’t think any provider drops the calls within that time frame especially not when the device is online with the carrier network. They have an economic interest in creating the connection so from that perspective - I don’t think they will drop it withing the time frame you mention.

A solid indication of the device being online is because it wakes up immediately when a call comes in. Where I am located it is common for the provider to setup redirect to voicemail in case of no connection.

Another verification you can do is the calling signal within the caller device - if no connection you would get a audible signal translating to either occupied or without coverage - so in my opinion you are making a problem where none are present.

Our O2 reseller here has a standard of 15 seconds from arriving a call to rejecting it or send them to the programmed answering system.

BUT - if the modem sleeps and the connection is completely broken there will be no 15 seconds. The call will be immediately rejected with a … the partner is momentarily… And then You will get NO call notificiation…

in 20-30 % of all cases this happens on Phosh. So the PP with the actual build is not usable if You rely in any kind from the state of “receivable”

plasma mobile has somtimes the problem that the display not fires up on incoming call. But the incoming call rings and You get a notification of the missed call(s)

Outgoing calls do NOT work ???

Regardless make the call with


Is there something broken in the dialer now ?