Buildpkg not getting make dependencies on building a AUR package

i am building a aur package using buildpkg to test if the package works on a clean chroot, after creating the clean chroot using this command “buildpkg -c -r ~/clean-chroot/ -p audacium-git/” the chroot is made and it starts to install the dependencies for the package, at the end it gives this message “==> ERROR: ‘pacman’ failed to install missing dependencies.
==> Missing dependencies:
→ git
→ cmake
→ libsoup
→ libnotify
→ gstreamer
→ gst-plugins-bad-libs
→ nasm
→ conan”

i am wondering if i am missing a option as this will build fine on a regular system

conan is an AUR package and depends on a couple other AUR packages.

You’ll need to build the AUR package dependencies first, then install them in the chroot with the -i flag; i.e.,

buildpkg -p package -i /path/to/dependency-version-arch.pkg.tar.zst
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