Buildpkg: how to provide public keys

Hi, I am trying to use buildpkg to build qpdfviewer from the aur.

Build instructions say that I should obtain the pgp public key for developer Adam Reichold and suggest using gpg --recv-keys 1F521FF0F87E9E1CDE46B8A9F4928C4DD24D4DF8. However this does not work with buildpkg. How I can tell buildpkg to put some needed pgp key in the chroot it uses?

gpg --recv-key then enter the key

then you want to call makepkg

buildpkg is no longer maintained. Please use chrootbuild instead. It will automatically import your user keyring using the -H flag; i.e.,

sudo chrootbuild -H -p qpdfview -c
Usage: chrootbuild [options]

     -b <branch> Branch to use:
                 default: unstable / arm-unstable
     -c          Start with clean chroot fs
     -d          Disable colors.
     -D          Build with debug symbols.
     -f          Force unmount chroot if busy.
     -g          Push changes to git when building lists
     -G          Generate Checksums
     -h          This help
     -H          Use the host's keyrings
     -i <pkg>    Install package(s) to chroot fs
                 (for multiple packages repeat -i flag)
     -k <repo>   Use custom repo:
     -K <list>   Kernel-modules list to build
     -l <list>   List(s) to build
                 (for multiple lists repeat -l flag)
     -L          enable LinkTimeOptimization
     -m          Build a multilib package
     -M <url>    Use custom mirror
     -n          Install built pkg to chroot fs
     -p <pkg>    Package(s) to build
                 (for multiple packages repeat -p flag)
     -r          custom chrootdir path
                 default: /var/lib/chrootbuild
     -s          Sign package(s)
     -u          Build pkgs only if update available (lists only)
     -x          Remove previously built packages in $PKGDEST

@jrichard326 We’re not talking about using makepkg directly. He already tried that :wink:

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I think the correct package is qpdfview. I do not see a package called qpdfviewer:

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