BuildIso vs. BTRFS System Backup/Restore

Oooooopsss :cry: :sob:

I will see and try!

buildiso -f -p manjaro -b stable -v -q 


Looks like baloo indexes your snapshots? That is a really bad behavior, but look, according to the wiki, you can exclude folders: Baloo/Configuration - KDE Community Wiki

Please don’t say you index the whole root filesystem with baloo!?

If you update your kernel without rebooting - then run buildiso - then you will get weird errors.

If you plan to run buildiso just after an update - reboot first … - just a heads-up

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I’ve already tried to configure Baloo filter that Baloo only indexes the ~/Documents directory, that works but:
Nevertheless, Baloo reindexes this same directory without changing after creating a new read-only snapshot and rebooting. That looks like a duplicates index of Baloo.

Yes, it seems so. I did not select or configure anything. I just followed defaults.

Honestly I don’t know. Followed defaults. I would like Baloo to index only /home (but there is a bug already filed about this)

Hmmm… sounds there might be a way to avoid this continuous reindexing?

The best thing I can think of is BTRFS for system and EXT4 for /home

Just to report back.
After a few tries

sudo buildiso -f -p kde -b stable 

Seemed to wotk BUT I noticed it is like downloading and installing stuff not really creating an ISO of the installed system!
Did I do something wrong?

I couldn’t understand this. So I quit and recovered to the latest snapshot I took with TimeShift.

don’t use sudo - you will mess with the permissions of the output dir

buildiso cannot create an image of your running system

You used buildiso as a backup tool - which it is not - it is a deployment tool - but it can be used to create a user defined ISO - it does not backup your system

OK, but what about the downloading and installing?! Shouldn’t it simply creat ISO from the system and data ALREADY on my SSD not from the internet?

Nope - it never has and it never will - it is a deployment tool - used by the team to automate building ISO images - it is not a backup tool - if you think so - you got it all wrong.

If you want an image of your running system - use clonezilla.

Or perhaps do some testing on penguins-eggs

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Please accept my apologies.
Sorry for that

I guess I did. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

OK. I will look at it and create an image of the ALREADY INSTALLED system.

Once done, I will try and see if BTRFS for system only and EXT$ for /home would work.

By the way, TimeShift or Snapper better? The safest and least problems?

Ah well sorry, seems to be a missing feature / difficult bug in baloo for years: 402154 – Baloo reindexes everything after every reboot when using BTRFS filesystem

However I use GNOME3 with tracker3. No issues with BTRFS.

hm… myself I have my data on a second HDD and bind the folder in fstab like this:

/mnt/data/downloads /home/user/Downloads none bind,x-gvfs-hide,X-mount.mkdir=0755 0 0 

The external HDD is ext4.

I don’t know - I don’t use.

Yeah, you are right it is a Baloo bug.

This gives me a hint that system (BTRFS) and /home (EXT4) should be working fine. Right? I will be getting best of both worlds?

You do not snapshot your system? How do you back it up?

Reading [HowTo] make a crash-proof backup in Manjaro for your entire system that @Fabby made.

Looks really interesting.
But it is pointing to download and install from web.

What about the clonezilla I found in repos (pamac), would it work?

I don’t :slight_smile:

I have all my important stuff in cold storage - on protondrive.

My soucecode is on github, gitlab and codeberg.

My local stuff is on separate partitons and separate USB storage drives of various sizes and from different vendors.

As I reinstall my system frequently - developer and tester - I have long ago devised a routine with a few scripts which maps my storage - so in case of a reinstall - it takes me 10-15 mintes including reinstall to be up and running on a fresh system.

WOW! That’s absolutely the opposite of what I want to do.
That’s why I am on Manjaro, a rolling release, and now looking even if it breaks I would not reinstall, I would roll back to a snapshot! Lazy me! :rofl:

Same, all my data is on cloud (serious docs on pCloud, whatever google drive and others), just in case.

We all have different needs and priorities - and over time one develop habits and my habits are - what I don’t use I don’t need on my system - which is why what I don’t need frequently, are on different storage partitions and networked devices.

It makes me independt of my workstation - I can always switch to another system.

I have various laptops setup for different purposes - even a macbook for specific tasks as this is one system which always work.

You can say what you like about Apple - I have also macBook for my wife because it always works.

Apple in my humble view great company, great products. As far as I know its OS is Linux (sort of). I’m on iPhone, iPad “only” for now!
On Manjaro I have what I want (on a 10 years old laptop!)

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