Buildiso needs an update?

@linux-aarhus wrote

I don’t think -qv is designed to show all the possible permutations - after all - since the tools has been created numerous options has been added and it is not feasible to list them all with -qv

I am not sure this is true but “user_shell” is missing.

Yes user_shell is not listed - and a multitude of other settings is not listed either.

If you are working on your own profile - then you know if you have set the shell.

You are welcome to clone the tools and implement what you are missing - then create a pull request - I can make a copy available on codeberg to make the PR against.

Would it be hard for you to list what is missing, as I could not see any except for “user_shell”

I have no urge to change this - you are welcome to do so - just make me a PR with your changes and we will look at it.

OK I’ll try to make a pull request yes I will clone it and try.

The Tools are the standard version I use the git version which already have many changes.
This is the output of buildiso -qv (note the version )

-> version: 0.15.11dev

@linux-aarhus I have raised a pull request hope its alright.

Thank - merge request created


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