Buildiso - How do I add gpg keys for a signed repository to the iso that pacman will use?

I create the SbK spins. I am having a problem. I have searched and read the documentation I could find on the subject. But none of it addressed this problem, or I missed it.
I would like to add the user-repo used in the build to the installed operating system. The repository is signed, as it should be for security reasons. I can easily add the repository. I have created a spinsbykilz-keyring package and used the structure and changed the keyring name in the install script of the Manjaro-keyring with my projects gpg keys. The problem is that in the installed system they are not in the pacman keys. If I open a terminal in the installed system and populate the spinsbykilz-keyring and then pacman-key --lsign-key the key it works. But I would like to add the key automatically during the iso build process.

Thanks in advance


This question is likely better in the Development section, but its now completely locked to me. Even the Community Editions section, which Spins are.

As far as I know you can place anything you want in the DE overlay.
Just create the folder needed and place your files in it.

Thanks for the reply, I have tried placing a /etc/pacman.d/gpg folder from an install where the key was locally signed in the skel. But for some reason it didnt work. But it looks like I will have to try it again and see what went wrong.

Not in the skel that is only for your home folder. You need it in the etc folder.

Sorry about that, I think of the overlay folders as skels or skeletons. I know its not specific, and when discussing a problem its best to be specific.
For some reason adding the /etc/pacman.d/gpg folder isnt working out. But your post got me thinking and I added some scripting that is auto started to lsign the key. So far it looks promising.

Not sure why it does not work I put an nvidia hook in this way. Perhaps the location is wrong for the gpg folder I don’t have one there.

A purely educated guess from reading countless pages on the subject is that the pacman.d/gnupg folder (sorry I got the wrong location before) must have some other check to make sure its running on the right computer/os install. Its part of the package manager and so it wouldnt surprise me that would be in place.

In any event a script to locally sign the key and a .desktop file pointing to the script in an autostart folder is way easier.

Thanks for getting me off the wrong path. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in making something work that I bang my head into a wall (in a purely figurative way) trying to make something work. When if I step back and look at it another way there is a simple solution. Reading your reply made me step back and look.